Assembling A Hunter Ceiling Fan

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Hunter ceiling fan can be applied in any room which will be very helpful adding cooler or warmer feeling of this room wathever the weather condition is. Use an adapter on the ceiling fan if you want to allow suspension balls. This is usually required in rooms with ceilings sloped to the fan blades hit the roof. Hunter called the adapter piece of a pipe. It gets inserted just before the hanger. The tube is then attached to the fan assembly and has the entire hunter ceiling fan instead.

  1. Turn off the power to the room in which you are installing the hunter ceiling fan. Locate the electrical box in the ceiling and cables that supply power to the ceiling fan.
  2. Drill 9/64 inch pilot holes through the top of the electrical box and the wooden support structure above it.
  3. Slide a washer on a wood screw 3 inches.
  4. Insert the adapter, through the hanger bracket and the canopy.
  5. Cut the insulators provided at the edges of the hanger bracket. Some models of hunter ceiling fan come with these already installed insulators.
  6. Lift the fan assembly to the adapter. Insert the cables and adapter in the fan assembly.
  7. Connect each fan cables with the same color wires coming from the ceiling.
  8. Lift the cup to cover the ceiling plate and the hanger bracket.
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