Best Galley Kitchen Designs

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The long, narrow footprint of galley kitchen designs presents challenges to maximize space and its efficient use. When design a small galley kitchen, consider the current design features that work well and the things you do not like your small kitchen. Besides making the functional space, the design choices you are able to help make the space look larger than it really is. Plan every detail of your new kitchen before demolition begins to keep the project running smoothly.


1. Measure the galley kitchen designs space so they are able to create a scale drawing of the room. Use this drawing to outline the design of the kitchen remodeled kitchen.

2. Allow at least 4 feet between the cabinets, shelves or devices on both sides of the galley kitchen designs. If possible, expand the corridor to a minimum of 6 feet to reduce congestion and allow to completely opening the doors of the cabinets and appliances.

3. Locate the three large appliances and work areas in the kitchen stove, sink and refrigerator. These areas are often arranged in a triangle that gives you easy access to all of them as you cook. Consider how well the current system works and how these elements move could improve the use of space galley kitchen.Galley kitchen designs,

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