Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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2014 Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

One thing to note of kitchen cabinet refinishing is that you can only finish cabinets that are still in good shape. In addition, it should be well with you is the style of the house. A good degreaser should be very useful. Also, scrub hard to clean the previous layers of varnish or paint. Oil paint is correct to use latex in reverse could cause flaking. Therefore, if you want to use latex for kitchen cabinet refinishing will have to completely remove the original oil painting. You can seek advice from your paint dealer about proper chemical to remove old paint.

Another aspect to consider for your kitchen cabinet refinishing is sanding. Sanding is important to smooth the cabinets. Always remember to use sandpaper and medium grade sand cabinets evenly. Make sure the cabinets are clean and smooth before applying the topcoat surface. The key is to sand sanding before painting and sanding again after you are done with the finish.

You probably need to clean them first with 409 and remove all identifiers before painting. Make sure it is not open to doing this and using a fan or something similar window. Otherwise you would have to live the windows at night the next day to ventilate the house.Kitchen cabinet refinishing,

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