Types Of Antique Farm Fence

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Vintage Farm Fence

Farm fence – Whether you currently have an antique farm fence or you try to create a fence that looks antique. An antique fence bring a touch of history and a sense of continuity to your farm yard. A variety of styles fences use on farms over the years and styles tend to vary by region.

Split rail, perhaps one of the most common types of ancient agricultural practices fencing. Historic split rail farm fence, was originally made of logs split into halves or quarters to form rails and posts. Positions have notches in which the ends of the rails rest. You can usually find split rail farm fence in places that were once heavily wooded, like frontier states early. Today, you can buy split rail fence in wood or vinyl on most home improvement stores.

Barbed wire, as settlers and farmers moved further west, the forests in the east disappeared, and farmers had to come up with an inexpensive way to keep their cattle and other animals on their land. Cross was placed 6-8 meters from each other, and at least two rows of wire were drawn from post to post, until the fence was complete. After barbed wire invent in the late 19th century, it replace the standard wire in the farm fence designs. Barbed wire still widely used by farmers throughout the United States.

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